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About Our School 

The Legacy Martial Arts Difference 


Why is Legacy Martial Arts different from other Martial Arts schools? Because we are passionate about our philosophy. Investing in our students wholeheartedly leads to their success with a healthier, happier lifestyle. In addition, we strive to be everything you need and look for in your Martial Arts experience; and will do all that we can to provide that. We believe that students understand what is being taught only if we teach the way they understand. In a way, we ourselves are learning from our students to be able to provide them with the proper education structure they individually need to advance in their material. Being a Martial Artist is about positive self-development. Compassion, loyalty, a humble spirit, self-control, and discipline are traits that should be desired and obtained over time. As Mentors, it is our duty to positively influence and make a difference for society by helping our students to foster these qualities to better themselves, their communities and as result become another part of making the world a better place. 


At Legacy Martial Arts, our mission is to provide the tools, adequate information, and education our students need to succeed, even beyond Martial Arts. Our teaching principle is that every student is significant; each of us learns differently in our own unique way. Our concept is to create a system per individual that provides the infinite path for growth and understanding in discipline, physical strength, healthy mentality, compassion, and respect. We have composed guidelines that encourage our students to effortlessly strive for excellence in both our physical training and how we conduct ourselves in the world. At Westport Kempo, it is our mission to, in turn, guide others down this dignified path.


At Legacy Martial Arts, we are your support system. The atmosphere we strive to create is that of a home; where a family sticks together, encourages each other, and helps provide optimal growth. We believe the best way to achieve your individual goals is to have a support team. Our students are here to learn, but they are also here to help each other and encourage one another to grow. In our facility, we want you to be comfortable so you can focus on your goals, relaxed so you can commit your efforts, and welcomed so you can have expansive growth in all aspects the Martial Arts field greatly impacts. While you're attending classes, we provide the appropriate balance between disciplined instruction and positive reinforcement. While we need to respect the disciplined state of Martial Arts, we also want to see smiles on our student's faces. Happiness is what we strive to help you achieve, even beyond learning your Martial Arts material. We want all to feel personally welcomed and comfortable to achieve this balance while pursuing their journey in the Martial Arts field. We look forwards to having you a part of our family!

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